After speaking with many area veterinarians, and vaccine distributors, it is apparent that the dog flu is not going away anytime soon.  Therefore, it has been suggested that the flu vaccine be part of your pet’s yearly vaccine regimen.  There is a new “combo” flu vaccine that covers both the N2 and N8.  If you have received either of these vaccines in the past, you can now get the combo vaccine without any boosters.  If you have not received any of the flu vaccines, you can still get the combo but will have to get a booster within the allotted time frame given to you by your vet.  The booster usually occurs within two weeks.
Please understand that this is a serious matter as it is very contageous!!!  You must not allow any gap between last years vaccine and this years vaccine.  As always, all vaccines need to be in system for at least 7 day prior for any service provided by AYBNC.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call your local veterinarian.
Thank you for your understanding,
Mylissa Yelich, Owner

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