Vaccination/Paperwork Requirements:

Company Policies are listed below

Vaccination/Paperwork Requirements:

NOTE:  All required vaccinations must be current in your pet's system one week (7 days) before coming into our facility. This is for the safety and well-being of all of our pet clients, human clients and Staff.  Thank you!


  • Proof of current rabies vaccination (tags are not sufficient).
  • Proof of current distemper/DHPP vaccination.
  • Proof of current bordetella vaccination (kennel cough).
  • Proof of yearly flu vaccine.


  • Proof of 3 rounds of distemper/parvo vaccination
  • Proof of current Bordetella Vaccination (kennel cough)
  • Proof of yearly Flu Vaccination
  • Proof of Rabies Vaccination (By 6 months of age)

All approved paperwork and vaccines must be submitted prior to booking your pet's first stay at the hotel. Keep in mind that animals can have reactions to vaccinations so please have this done at least one week (7 days) prior to bringing your pet to us. It is your responsibility to verify with your vet that your pet's vaccines are current and that we have the most updated information. Paperwork can be brought into our Front Desk, e-mailed to us via Contact Form or faxed to us at: 219-779-0719


We also require you read and complete our Owner Information and Agreement and Vaccination Requirements Form prior to your pet's initial visit that contains your contact information, signature and our policy statement.

If you would like to fax us your vet records and/or Owner Information Agreement Form prior to your first visit, our fax number is:  219-779-9019.

Download our Requirement Forms

You can download our requirement forms here

Holiday Boarding and Cancellation Policy:

All pet hotel reservations require a valid credit card number to be on file with our office at the time of reservation in order to reserve a suite.  All cancellations of reservations for a hotel stay during non-holiday periods must be made at least seventy-two (72) hours prior to the first day of the hotel stay.  If a cancellation is made less then seventy-two (72) hours prior to the first day of the hotel stay.  Customer shall be charged a cancellation fee of $75.

Customer acknowledges that if he or she changes a confirmed drop-off and/or pick-up reservation date that is not within the seventy-two (72) hour timeframe, the Customer is responsible for $25 per day of the original reservation.
Customer acknowledges that AYBNC has a TWO WEEK HOLIDAY CANCELLATION POLICY for reservations made for a hotel stay during any holiday period, which is defined as the following periods in each applicable calendar year:

  1. The period beginning December 18 through and including January 8.
  2. The period beginning the Sunday before Thanksgiving through and including the Monday following Thanksgiving;
  3. The period beginning July 1 through and including on July 8;
  4. The period beginning the Thursday immediately before Memorial Day through and including the first Tuesday following Memorial Day;
  5. The period beginning the Thursday immediately before Labor Day through and including the first Tuesday following Labor Day;
  6. The period beginning the Thursday immediately before Easter Sunday through and including the first Monday following Easter Sunday; and
  7. Any weeks during the Spring Break school holiday.
  8. Mother's Day and Father's Day.
All holiday cancellations must be made two weeks prior to holiday stay. If cancellation is less than two weeks prior to stay, Customer shall be required to pay and shall be charged the full cost of the cancelled boarding reservation.In other words, all Holiday reservation must be cancelled two weeks prior to stay for a refund.

* Note: All prices subject to change without notice

Company Policies:

  1. Proof of current vaccination is required for all services rendered at AYBNC.There are no exceptions unless authorized by your vet with the vet signature.
  2. All vaccinations must be dated one week (7 days) prior to scheduled appointment.  If not, we cannot take your pet.
  3. AYBNC is not responsible for keeping up with your vaccines.  This is solely the responsibility of the pet owner.
  4. All grooming appointments MUST be on time.  AYBNC will allow up to 15 minutes past your scheduled appt. time unless authorized.  Otherwise, appointment will be rescheduled.  It is imperative to keep on schedule as our clients have their own schedules to keep.
  5. Our staff will call upon completion of your pet’s groom.  A one-hour pick up window is allowed before daycare fees apply unless prior authorization.
  6. An additional charge of $1.00 per minute will be applied for Dematting.  This is a very time consuming process and very difficult for your pet.
  7. If we need to shave your dog due to matting, there will be an additional charge.
  8. If you are a no-show for a grooming appointment, there will be a charge of $35 which must be paid before any other appointment can be made.
  9. A deposit of $75 is required for all Hotel stays.
  10. Hotel cancellation must be made 72-hours prior to scheduled stay in order for deposit to be refunded.
  11. All Holiday hotel stays have a TWO WEEK CANCELLATION POLICY. You are responsible to cancel your pet’s Holiday hotel stay two weeks before the start of the reservation or will be charged the entire scheduled stay.
  12. If you change your confirmed drop-off or pick-up dates, you are responsible for $25 per day of the original reservation.
  13. Hotel check-out is 12:00 noon.  If picking up after 12:00 noon, a full-day charge applies.
  14. Our business opens at 7:00 am. If dropping off your dog early, there will be an additional charge of $5.00 for anyone dropping off their dog before business hours (7:00-8:30 am).
  15. Our business closes at 6:00 pm.  If picking up your dog late, there will be an additional charge of $5.00 per/half-hour for anyone picking up their dog after business hours.
  16. We conduct tours of our facility Monday – Friday 10:30–3:30 and Saturday 10:00–1:00.  ABSOLUTELY No One is allowed in the back after tour hours.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!