Below are some of the members of our wonderful AYBNC Staff!


Sarah: Sarah is our General Manager and has been with us since 2011!  Prior to joining the AYBNC Staff, Sarah lived in Texas and worked at a vet clinic.  When it was time to move back to Indiana, she knew that she wanted to continue working with animals and that passion drove her right to our doors -- literally!  Her fur baby is a miniature Dachshund named Dory and 2 cats, Kirby and Gus. Sarah loves her job and would not want to work anywhere else, which makes us so happy!

Shari: Shari is our Manager/Receptionist (please stay tuned for more information about Shari)

General Manager



Sue: Sue has worked as our Head Certified Bather at AYBNC for 2-1/2 years.  Pictured here with her Pomeranian Toby, Sue is married to her husband Ray and has two children, Sarah and Brad.  In her free time she likes to trail ride her horse, Joe.  This is a perfect job for Sue with her love for all animals.  She currently has 2 dogs and 5 rescued cats. (photo)

Kelly: Please stay tuned for more information about Kelly!




George: George is one of our Pet Handlers who has been with us since the Spring of 2013.  He used to breed and show Cocker Spaniels and currently owns two Cockers:  Eros. a 12 year old male and Circe, an 11 year old female.  In his spare time, George enjoys gardening (photo)

Jason: Jason is one of our Night Handlers who has been with AYBNC for a year.  He is very "outdoorsy" and loves sports.  He is great with the dogs here at AYBNC and loves spending time and playing with all of the different breeds and personalities that come to Daycare and stay at our Hotel.




Peter: Peter has been with AYBNC for 2-1/2 years. He is a retired business owner who prides himself in being a business confidant to Mylissa. Peter is the prime Handler of the large breed dogs. He also conducts the tours for new clients as well as handles pick-up and delivery of dogs for those who can't bring their pets to us. He is married to his wife Terryl. They have 4 children, 6 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren!

Large Breed Prime Handler